Penhold (Chinese / C-Pen) Table Tennis Adapter for Meta / Oculus Quest 2 VR


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Chinese Penhold (C-Pen) table tennis paddle adapter for Oculus Quest 2 controller.

Fully compatible with Eleven Table Tennis VR game.

The adapter will make the experience of playing ETT as close to real life table tennis as possible.

Improve game immersion with this 3D printed ping pong paddle! It’s super easy to set up and feels great to hold.

Please make sure that you select the correct handedness when adding to cart: either RIGHT-HANDED or LEFT-HANDED version of the adapter.

This adapter was created to solve the tracking issues experienced by penholders while playing Eleven Table Tennis on the Oculus Quest 2. This adapter also maximises the realism of VR table tennis for the penhold players.

It is officially supported within Eleven Table Tennis game and has been used to help penholders climb into the top 100 rankings in-game! With this penhold adapter tracking issues will no longer be an excuse!

Why choose this?

  • Feels natural: lower centre of gravity and shaped to a real paddle!
  • Enhance gameplay and immersion
  • Improved tracking for penhold forehands and reverse penhold backhands (RPB) without sacrificing the tracking of traditional penhold backhands (TPB)
  • Handle and face wings designed to imitate the shape and feel of the popular Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive (YEO) for a more seamless transition from VR to real life
  • Real rubbers glued on the backhand side to imitate the feel and thickness of a real double sided CPEN paddle
  • In-game presets for Eleven Table Tennis to conveniently match the virtual paddle rotation and position to the real life physical adapter
  • Snapping mechanism incorporated in the adapter to secure the controller in addition to the velcro straps for consistent in-game paddle rotation and position
  • Constraints at the bottom of the controller to minimise the likelihood of the controller sliding out-of-position on stronger strokes

How to use

  • Attach Oculus Quest 2 controller to the adapter
  • In ETT:
    • Change your paddle setting to “VR adapter”
    • Select an appropriate for this adapter option

The following item is only available for Australia buyers.

If you are from another region of the world, please use this website instead.

Useful links:

  • ETT discord channel:

Optional hacks to make the Quest 2 paddle lighter:

  1. Use super light AA battery + AAA to AA adapter
  2. Remove battery cover

Weight (Adapter Only): 50g ± 5g
Weight (Adapter + Controller without Battery Cover): 180g ± 10g
Weight (Adapter + Controller with Battery Cover): 190g ± 10g

The paddle + Quest 2 controller + original battery weighs about 200g.

You can also wrap a grip tape on the handle to further enhance realism!


  • Adapter
  • Velcro
  • Back rubber (glued)


  • Due to the nature of FDM/Additive 3D printing technology – there may be slight imperfections on the surface, which doesn’t affect the functionality of the product.
  • If you tend to have sweaty palms, you may need to use a grip tape to avoid making it too slippery.
  • Only the adapter is for sale – Oculus Guest 2 controller is not included.
Penhold (Chinese / C-Pen) Table Tennis Adapter for Meta / Oculus Quest 2 VR

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