SolidSlime Table Tennis Adapter for Meta / Oculus Quest 2 VR


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This wonderful adapter will help you enjoy ETT in the best way possible.

  • 🎯Flawless tracking quality
  • ✅ Shakehand ✅Penhold
  • 🏓 Realistically weighted
  • ⚖️ Comfortable balance
  • 🥌 Controller does not wobble during swing
  • 🔢 Various handle shapes(FL, ST, CPEN)
  • 🔋Easy battery change.

Installation and setup video guides can be seen here.

Paddle positions

Device Code Description (version can be seen at the bottom of the handle)
Quest 2 4008.25 SolidSlime Quest 2 adapter version 1.X
Alternatively, 387612.8 by LooneyVicar, and 315909.1 by Aiphaton
Quest 2 4008.26 SolidSlime Quest 2 adapter version 2.X <–newest version for shakehand players
Quest 2 4008.24 SolidSlime Quest 2 adapter version 2.0a <–newest version for CPen players
Pico Neo3 4008.18 SS115 Pico Neo 3 adapter version 1.X
Quest 1 4008.23 SolidSlime Quest 1 adapter version 2.X

Installation guide

ETT World #1, Aiphaton, tests this adapter

How the adapter is built

The adapter is assembled out of 4 parts:
  1. Top clamp
  2. Body (the clamp sits on top of the body)
  3. Two handles (glued to the body)

What makes a good adapter?

  • Incredible tracking quality. No tracking dead corner as you can see in the tracking demo video.
  • Realistically weighted and customisable. 168g if using a controller that has battery cap removed and AAA battery being used.
    • If you have a real life racket, tell me its weight and I’ll be able to print an adapter to match it as closely as possible.
  • Fantastic balance. Center of weight is lower than most of the other adapters. Feels just like holding a real racket. Since the weight is already quite low, there’s room for adding extra lead strips / rubber / grip tape to adjust the weight / balance even more.
  • No shakiness. Designed using a precise 3d scanned model of controller, and tightened by bolts+nuts.
  • Various handle shapes to choose from. Currently there are FL, ST, CPen. All are designed according to renowned Butterfly blades.
  • Works for both shakehand and penhold grip(especially RPB).
    • Penhold (TPB) still has slight issues, which I’m planning to solve with some good penhold players.
  • Easy battery change. No need to disassemble.

Please note

  • Due to the technology limitation of FDM printing, in rare cases there might be imperfection on some surfaces, but each adapter has been inspected carefully to make sure that even if those imperfections exist, the functionality would not be affected.
  • If you tend to have sweaty palms, you may need to use a grip tape to avoid making it too slippery.
  • Only the adapter is for sale – Oculus Guest 2 controller is not included.

Customers outside South East Asia and Oceania countries

For those outside of South East Asia countries, Australia and New Zealand this adapter can be purchased at our partner website located in Europe.

SolidSlime Table Tennis Adapter for Meta / Oculus Quest 2 VR

Additional information

Weight 0.044 kg

Left-handed, Right-handed


Flared, Straight, Anatomic, Chinese Penhold


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